What is Ticketpekin?

What is Ticketpekin?

What is Ticketpekin?

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Ticketpekin is a revolutionary platform for concert and event organizers and their fans. Ticketpekin makes it easy for anyone to buy tickets for concerts or events, as well as sell them with the Ticketpekin platform.

The reason they chose to start Ticketpekin was that they wanted an easier way for Liberians from all over the country to be able to attend each other’s events. 

It's a new day in Liberia! Ticketpekin is a mobile-first ticketing platform where artists and event organisers can easily market their events to local audiences. We are the answer to Liberia's lack of reliable transportation, expensive and inconvenient scalping, and lack of tech-savvy event goers. Join the revolution today!

You need to buy a ticket for that event, but the line is too long and you don't want to stand all day. Ticketpekin is here to help. With our app, you can buy your tickets in minutes without ever leaving your couch. No more waiting in line, our app has got you covered.

Ticketpekin is the easiest and most reliable way to organize any event. Use our platform to simplify your event workflows, boost ticket sales, create an event website, map the event space and attendees, and much more. We've been helping organizations all over Liberia manage their events successfully since 2021.

It is their goal that Ticketpekin will be present in every city in Liberia by 2025, whether it is a small town or an urban city like Monrovia or Ganta.

It's time to ditch paper invitations and calligraphy pens - Ticketpekin is Liberia’s first online event management, marketing and ticketing platform. Easily manage your events without the need of expensive software or tools on our interactive interface that you can customize to your specific needs.

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